Running School: the ultimate beginner-friendly training program
Not your average running school
Complete 4 weeks of training sessions
Meet with your coach twice a week and don’t forget to do your homework between sessions.
Train in a small group
Each of our training sessions lasts 75 minutes and takes place in groups of up to 12 people.
Run a 5K
We’ll take you from your first steps to running a full 5K.
Learn proper form and the best practices for running injury-free
You want to learn how to run, but you’re not sure where to start. We’ve been there. Running and staying fit is not easy. Life gets in the way. Our ultimate running program will take you on a running guide throughout your first training sessions. You’ll build up your skills and confidence step-by-step, side-by-side with your new running mates.
We make runners happy
Our passion for running goes beyond just fitness. We strive every day to make runners happier by helping them achieve their goals.
  • Natural Running
    Our approach is all about gradual progression and proper technique, with a focus on correct body position and landing technique, so you can avoid injury and build endurance at a pace that works for you.
  • Motivation
    Remember, the key to long-term success in running is to start slowly and build gradually. Once you set a clear goal for your four-week program, you will be on your way to achieving success in your running journey.
  • Comprehensive support
    Our coordinator will assist you throughout the program, answering questions, providing workout preparation, race-day support, and organizing club meetings to keep you motivated.
  • Athletic network
    Connect with like-minded people who share your passion for running. You’ll make valuable friendships, meet new workout partners, and have engaging conversations with fellow runners. Who knows? You may even find love on the track!
  • Skilled mentors
    Guidance from a skilled coach-mentor for success. Expert supervision at each training session from start to finish.
  • Helpful educational materials
    Improve your form, build strength, and level up your running with expert tips, exercise routines, and informative videos.
This is how we work
Week 1: Introduction to running
During the first two sessions of the course, you’ll learn about the theory of running, take a running test, and try specific running exercises.
Week 2: Active muscle and ligament adaptation
In the second week, you’ll have your first easy speed workout and continue your specific running exercises, incorporating functional exercises into your training program.
Week 3: Endurance development and muscle strengthening
During the third week, we will increase the overall running distance in the group sessions and during your individual training. Your main focus will be on overall physical fitness and running technique.
Week 4: Preparations for the final race
During this week, we will gradually reduce the intensity of the training, focusing on running technique and special running exercises.
Final race
During the final training session, everything comes together. You’ll breeze through a 5 km run with ease, and cross the finish line to claim your well-deserved medal.
Meet Our Trainers
Unlock your full potential with a team of renowned world-class athletes
  • Vladislav Litvinchuk
    Marathon Runner: 5 Majors PB 2.53. Cross countries skier: ran Marcialonga and many of other World Loppet and Russia Loppet starts. Triathlete: IM 70.3 PB 4.32. Openwater swimmer: Bosphorus. High school diploma of the master of sports.
  • Katsiaryna Karabtsova
    Graduate of the Fitness Professionals Association (FPA) - personal fitness trainer (License Fitnes zveza Slovenije). FPA graduate - nutrition specialist - nutritionist, experience of 3 years. Certified trainer of the Running School "I Love Running".
Our Clients Love Us
Don’t take our word for it, hear what our runners have to say:
  • It’s more than just running; it’s friendship and support. I believe that this bond will last forever, and our distances will increase. Someday, we’ll run the Boston Marathon together, with our children and parents cheering us on from the sidelines.
    Anastasia Kononenko
    Creative director
  • Joining a running group exposes you to diverse and cool individuals with unique interests and talents, making you feel part of a big family. Conversing with everyone, meeting up at different races, and experiencing new emotions and sensations is always a blast.
    Vladislav Egenmuradov
    Design Consultant at Calligaris
  • Before I joined, running 5 kilometers was already an achievement for me. Running a full marathon was absolutely impossible, never in my wildest dreams. Now, I’ve already done three marathons — one in Moscow and two in New York City. It has had such a profound impact on my life that I switched to a different job, started earning more, and developed new ambitions that are not directly related to sports.
    Max Kolpakov
    Head of Marketing at Webinar Group
  • Coach Nastya was like a second mother to me. I was pleasantly surprised by how much she cared for me. My goal was to run 21 kilometers, but she knew I had never run before and had an injury, so she said, 'Liz, let’s go little by little, gradually.' I’ve already run 10k, and I want to continue training until I can do 21 kilometers and then maybe even 42 kilometers, but that feels like a far-reaching dream to me.
    Liza Moryak
  • 9 countries
    I Love Supersport Network
  • 56 cities
    Worldwide locations
  • 35 000 customers
    Achieve success with us
Our Prices
Pay for the entire course or try the first training session for free!
Full course
— 4 weeks of training
— 8 group sessions with a trainer
— 75-minute training sessions
— Home training plan
— Educational materials
Trial lesson
— One 75-minute training session
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What benefits will the course give me if I can already run 5K?
With the guidance of our coaches, you will learn the natural running technique, incorporate special running exercises into your routine and learn to do them correctly. You will receive the exact amount of training load that will allow you to progress and enjoy the process.
What level of running experience is required to join?
No prior running experience is required to start the course.
What equipment will I need?
When you sign up, you will receive an email with a list of necessary equipment for the first training session. Please don’t rush and buy new items beforehand. You can wear the sportswear you already have. Your coach will provide advice on how to select appropriate shoes and other gear.
Can I join if I don’t run at all or run very slowly?
Yes, would be a perfect student for us. It may even be easier for you than for those who already run, as the trainer will teach you the technique from scratch, without needing to correct any mistakes.
What should I do if I miss a training session?
Missing one or two training sessions is not a big deal. We will send you an assignment for independent work. If you get sick, we can freeze the missed sessions for you. And if you travel to a city where our branch is open, you can attend a training session there — just get in touch with our coordinator to arrange it.
Running school: take the first step to a new, healthy habit
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