Skiing school
Learn to cross-country ski and complete your first 5km skate in 8 lessons
Complete 4 weeks of training sessions
Meet with your coach two times a week.
90-minute training sessions
Our workouts are optimized to challenge you at just the right level.
Small groups of up to 7 people
Our experienced trainers provide individual attention to each student.
Dreaming of taking up cross-country skiing?
Cross-country skiing is an affordable and safe winter sport, but you need to know the right technique to enjoy it. In four weeks of ski school you will learn the Fast Gliding skate style and receive your first ski medal at your high school graduation, having skied your first 5 km with technique and pleasure.
We make skiers happy
Our passion for skiing goes beyond just fitness. We strive every day to make skiers happier by helping them achieve their goals.
  • Fast Gliding method
    The three components of effective technique: glide, balance and power. The training method is designed specifically for beginners and teaches you to go longer and faster with the least amount of effort.
  • Motivation
    Remember, the key to long-term success in cycling is to start slowly and build gradually. Once you set a clear goal for your four-week program, you will be on your way to achieving success in your swimming journey.
  • Athletic network
    Connect with like-minded people who share your passion for running. You’ll make valuable friendships, meet new workout partners, and have engaging conversations with fellow runners.
  • Comprehensive support
    Our coordinator will assist you throughout the program, answering questions and providing workout preparation.
  • Skilled mentors
    Guidance from a skilled coach-mentor for success. Expert supervision at each training session from start to finish.
  • Helpful educational materials

    Improve your form, build strength, and level up your running with expert tips, exercise routines, and informative videos.
This is how we work
First session. Introductory
Like all classes in the course, it will start with a dynamic warm-up. Only after that you will move on to the main part. The first meeting in the group will be held without skis. The coach will talk about the necessary equipment and assess the fitness level of the participants. The focus of the sporting part will be on underwater exercises and skier’s stance.
Week 1
In the second session of the first week you will learn how to put on skis and poles correctly and quickly, learn how to stand confidently on skis and do exercises with a small progression. In the second half of the training session you will move on to learning the simultaneous stepless stride.
Week 2
In the second week you will repeat the ski stance and the technique of simultaneous cross-country skiing, learn how to turn on your skis, how to brake, how to group yourself correctly in a fall and how to get up quickly. Then you will move on to mastering the simultaneous single-step stroke. The second session will be a power session due to the terrain. You will learn how to overcome ascents and descents.
Week 3
At the fifth training session you will consolidate your technique of overcoming ascents and descents, as well as move on to mastering the simultaneous two-step walk. By the end of the third week, you will have mastered three simultaneous moves — crossover, single stride and double stride.
Week 4
During this week’s training you will repeat all the moves you have learned, practicing how to fall and stand up correctly, as well as the technique of overcoming ascents and descents on the terrain.
Ski Graduation
At the second training session of the fourth week you will have your final race. After warming up you will skate 5 km and receive your first and deserved ski medal, and afterwards you will celebrate your personal victory with your teammates.
Meet Our Trainers
Unlock your full potential with a team of renowned world-class athletes
  • Vladislav Litvinchuk
    Skiing / Running
    Cross countries skier: ran Marcialonga and many of other World Loppet and Russia Loppet starts. Marathon Runner: 5 Majors PB 2.53. Triathlete: IM 70.3 PB 4.32. Openwater swimmer: Bosphorus. High school diploma of the master of sports.
  • Yakov Kovalenya
    Cross countries skier. Winner of Moscow and national competitions. Participant of international ski marathons.
  • 9 countries
    I Love Supersport Network
  • 56 cities
    Worldwide locations
  • 35 000 customers
    Achieve success with us
Our Prices
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Full course
— 8 group sessions with a trainer
— 90-minute training sessions
— Educational materials
— Ticket not included
Single session
— One 90-minute training session
— Ticket not included
Skiing Personal
One-on-one sessions
Personalized training program
tailored to your unique needs and skill level.
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What do I need for the lessons?

Sports uniform according to the weather (thermal underwear, pants, jacket), hat, baffle, ski gloves, skis, ski boots, ski poles, a set of change of clothes to change after training, thermos with tea.
I don't have any skis. What to do?

Ski rental is possible at all training areas. There you can rent skis, boots and poles for the duration of your training. The cost of a set starts from 17 euros, depending on the level of equipment. There is a separate fee to visit the track.
I already know how to ski, is the school suitable for me?

The school is designed for beginners who want to learn how to ski. If you can already ski 3-5 km on your own and your skiing experience is more than 1 year, you may be suitable for the next level - Level 2 and Skipass group lessons.
Do I need special training to learn to ski?
No, all you need is to have no contraindications to the sport. We will teach you the correct ski technique from scratch.
How many people in a group?

Small groups of up to 7 people.
Where are the training sessions?
All ski training takes place outside. The first session is without skis, from the second session you will need ski equipment.
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Learn to cross-country ski and complete your first 5 km skate in 8 lessons
Achieve your personal goals with regular team training
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