Swimpass Openwater
Expertly guided swimming sessions
90-minute training sessions
Our workouts are optimized to challenge you at just the right level.
Once a week
Exercise once a week to combine with the main training program.
Small groups of up to 7 people
Our experienced trainers provide individual attention to each student.
Improve your swimming skills in open water
You’ll get extensive swim training combined with work on land: dry swim, stretching and exercises with rubber.
We don’t just swim for impressive results, we do it for the joy of it.
Meet Our Trainers
Unlock your full potential with a team of renowned world-class athletes.
  • Vladislav Litvinchuk
    With over 8 years of experience in open water swimming, Vlad has swum
    across the Bosporus Strait, as well as the White and Volga rivers. He has also participated in dozens of open water swims and organized two swims on a river and a lake. Marathon Runner: 5 Majors PB 2.53. Cross countries skier: ran Marcialonga and many of other World Loppet and Russia Loppet starts. Triathlete: IM 70.3 PB 4.32. High school diploma of the master of sports.
  • Dmitry Bagdalov
    Master of Sports in swimming, certified swim coach I LOVE SUPERSPORT SWIMMING SCHOOL. 20 years of experience as an aquatic instructor, including diving (PADI).
    Participant and medalist in three World Masters Swimming Championships.
    Winner of several international open water races.
Our Clients Love Us
Don’t take our word for it, hear what our athletes have to say.
  • We learned how to navigate, to swim without a strip on the bottom of the pool and in a given direction. It worked out very well, I was worried that the water would be cold, but the water did not let me down either. I learned to look ahead, not to swallow water and quickly bypass buoys.
    Anton Angel
    Recruitment Specialist at Kept
  • Training allows you to feel the water. I think it’s very helpful, first of all, so you don’t get stressed at the start and fail all your six months of training and all your efforts.

    Viktoriya Ekhtaryan
    Design Consultant
  • I finally learned how to navigate in the water without drowning and even keep moving forward. I became less afraid of open water. Once you swim here, you’ll be better able to navigate in any water.

    Dmitry Fedoseev
  • I’m preparing to swim across the Volga, and it was an incredible experience, because to swim in a pool and navigate to the neighbors, to the lanes is one thing, but here of the landmarks only trees, and you get lost all the time. It’s very cool and valuable to learn how to navigate, look up properly, and not swallow water. Thanks to the coaching staff.

    Michael Shebalkov
    Works at Yandex
  • 9 countries
    I Love Supersport Network
  • 56 cities
    Worldwide locations
  • 35 000 customers
    Achieve success with us
Our Prices
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Five weeks

— 5 weeks of training

— 5 group sessions with a trainer
— 90-minute training sessions
Single session
— One 90-minute training session
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What do I need for open water training?
You will need a cap, goggles, swimsuit/jammers, slippers, towel and an individual bag or bag to put your keys and phone in, a wetsuit and an individual buoy.

Do I need additional equipment?

You may need swimming equipment depending on the trainer’s plan. Check with the coordinator.

Won’t the stress of the workout be too much?

The optimal plan from our trainers will help you get back into training mode comfortably.

What do I do if I have to miss a workout?

You can reschedule your training 24 hours in advance. Contact the coordinator.
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Discover our swimming methodology and assess your performance.
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Discover our swimming methodology and assess your performance
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