Swimming school. Level 2
Swim your first 1000 meter crawl
Complete 4 weeks of training sessions
Meet with your coach three times a week.
60-minute training sessions
Our workouts are optimized to challenge you at just the right level.
Small groups of up to 7 people
Our experienced trainers provide individual attention to each student.
You’ll have a trainer by your side in the water
80% of swimming success depends on gliding and balance in the water. Our trainer will adjust your body position and demonstrate basic exercises to improve your swimming technique. You will get familiar with our teaching methodology and determine the best course of action for your progress.
We make swimmers happy
Our passion for swimming goes beyond just fitness. We strive every day to make swimmers happier by helping them achieve their goals.
  • I Love Swimming method
    Achieving the correct body position in water reduces resistance and enables more efficient and faster swimming with less energy expenditure. Our classes will help you find the perfect balance and learn how to float and glide on the water.
  • Motivation
    Remember, the key to long-term success in swimming is to start slowly and build gradually. Once you set a clear goal for your four-week program, you will be on your way to achieving success in your swimming journey.
  • Athletic network
    Connect with like-minded people who share your passion for running. You’ll make valuable friendships, meet new workout partners, and have engaging conversations with fellow runners.
  • Comprehensive support
    Our coordinator will assist you throughout the program, answering questions and providing workout preparation.
  • Skilled mentors
    Guidance from a skilled coach-mentor for success. Expert supervision at each training session from start to finish.
  • Helpful educational materials
    Improve your form, build strength, and level up your running with expert tips, exercise routines, and informative videos.
Meet Our Trainers
Unlock your full potential with a team of renowned world-class athletes
  • Tatiana Stepnyakova
    Introducing Tatiana, Master of Sports of the USSR in swimming and Master of Sports in speed diving in monolast. Winner and multiple medalist in swimming at the USSR championships and championships. Tatiana is fluent in Russian, and English.
  • Elena Bagdalova
    Former artistic swimmer, graduate of the University of Physical Education.
    20 years of experience as a swimming and artistic swimming coach.
    10 years of experience as an aquatic programs instructor in the WorldClass network of clubs. Participant of two World Masters Championships in swimming, swimmed over the Bosporus, finisher of several triathlons. Knows everything about teaching swimming to children from infants to toddlers.
  • Dmitry Bagdalov
    Master of Sports in swimming, certified swim coach I LOVE SUPERSPORT SWIMMING SCHOOL. 20 years of experience as an aquatic instructor, including diving (PADI). Participant and medalist in four World Masters Swimming Championships. Winner of several international open water races.
Our Clients Love Us
Don’t take our word for it, hear what our athletes have to say
  • Swimming is awesome. There’s a sporting aspect to it, with real endurance and good physical shape. But there’s also a social aspect, with a huge number of new people and genuine friends who have come into my life, making it an incredibly cool community to be a part of.
    Anastasia Galagur
    Recruitment Specialist at Kept
  • And you know what’s amazing for me? When I joined I Love Supersport, after just 12 lessons, all the puzzle pieces in my head fell into place. And it turned out that freestyle is almost like dancing. When I finally glided and balanced just right, I realized how easy and enjoyable it can be.
    Viktoriya Ekhtaryan
    Design Consultant
  • I Love Supersport School provides me with a sense of gradual progress, consistency, and endless fun. When they tell you "you'll be able to swim 500 meters", and you think "I can do 1000 meters!", it gives you a feeling of invincibility!
    Anna Senina
    Head of Analytics
  • Sport has become more than just a way for me to prove to myself that I can achieve my goals. It has become a way for me to spend time with myself, to recharge my own energy, and to have some "me" time. When I go to the pool now, I go for these reasons, not just to prove to myself that I can achieve something and so on.
    Kate Panchenko
    Account Manager
  • 9 countries
    I Love Supersport Network
  • 56 cities
    Worldwide locations
  • 35 000 customers
    Achieve success with us
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Full course
— 4 weeks of training
— 8 group sessions with a trainer
— 60-minute training sessions
— Educational materials
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Is pool access included in the program price?

Yes, pool rental is included.

What equipment will I need?

You will need a swim cap, swim trunks or a one-piece swimsuit, goggles, flip-flops, towel, and personal toiletries.

How do I choose goggles?

Take the goggles and press them firmly against your eye sockets. If the goggles stay in place on your face without falling off for a few seconds, they fit properly. Do not choose goggles based on appearance alone. For swimming in the pool, goggles with light lenses are recommended.

Do I need a certificate to enter the pool?

No. You don’t need a certificate to enter the pool.
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Discover our swimming methodology and assess your performance
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Discover our swimming methodology and assess your performance
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Swim your first 1000 meter crawl
4 weeks, 8 group sessions
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